Eva Matejková-AJ

Eva Matejková

She is an acclaimed Slovak actress and at the same time the wife of an actor Marián Slovák.

In 1972 she graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts where she studied acting. From 1972 to 1991 she was a member of the Andrej Bagar Theater in Nitra. She is currently a member of the New Stage drama in Bratislava. She acted, for example, in the film “A Tit”, where she played Teo’s mother. She also played a mother-in-law in a slovak TV series “Neighbours”. The Slovak actress Eva Matejková is known to viewers from television screens as well as from the theatre stage. Her deepest relationship is with the Andrej Bagar Theater (DAB) in Nitra.

The most beautiful period of my life was in Nitra and in Nitra´s theatre. I have said it about a thousand times, Nitra is my favourite city and the DAB is the most beloved theater. I played the most beautiful roles here. My heart stayed in Nitra and so it will remain forever.“

Eva Matejková was born on 2 June 1950 in Zvolen. Since she was a child, she has performed in a local amateur ensemble from Môťová, in addition to her athletics trainings, she danced in the folklore company Marína. Peter Jezný, a director of the Jozef Gregor Tajovský Theater (DJGT), saw her acting in this theatre. That’s how he got into a professional theater. As a high school student, she was noticed at the DJGT by professors from the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava Karol Zachar, Mikuláš Huba, Viliam Záborský and prof. Sýkorová. She was offered to study at the Academy of Performing Arts.

She graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava in 1972 and joined the DAB in Nitra. In the same year, she also married her acting colleague Marián Slovák, with whom she met during her university entrance interviews. Both of then worked in the Nitra theatre company at the same time – from 1972 to 1991.

Before November 1989, Matejková and her husband left for the New Stage (NS) in Bratislava. They performed together in several dramas. She starred in two musicals “The full Monty!” and “Fidling man on the roof”. In the Astorka Korzo ’90 theater she played the main role in the play “Dear Lady Professor” (2002), in the Aréna theater she performed in the plays “Mikva” (2009) and “33 variations” (2011). In 2009, Matejková also returned to the Nitra Theater as a guest actress.

Television viewers know her from the films: “Rosemary” (1969), “Pressburg´s Barracks

Painted” (1975), “American Tragedy” (1976), “Sugar” (1982), “A Doctor of the Dying Time” (1983), “A Witness of the Dying Time” (1990), “About a stupid woman” (1996), etc. She has also starred in the television series “Behind the City Walls” (1998), “Neighbours” (2006), “A Fragment of a Second”, “The Innocent”, “Second Breath” (they are all from 2011), “Stormy Wine” (2012) and others.

Since 1991, Eva Matejková has worked at the New Stage Theatre in Bratislava. Unforgettable was her character of Goldy in the legendary musical “Fidling man on the roof”, which was staged here in 2007 by a director Jozef Bednárik. By the way, it was in the DAB theatre, where Jozef Bednárik presented the play “Fidling man on the roof” by American authors Jerry Bock, Joseph Stein and Sheldon Harnick for the first time in 1996 in Nitra. It was in Nitra that they found a background, a great number of friends, including Jozef Bednárik. Thanks to him, she and her husband fulfilled their acting dreams. Eva Matejková and Jozef Bednárik had a very close relationship like brother and sister. In the beginning of his career she used to help him with choreographies for his amateur performances in Zeleneč.

Eva Matejková has created a number of significant characters and these are some of her award-winning acting performances: A Literary Fund awarded her character of Žofa in a play called “House for the Youngest Son” written by Kákoš. In 1977, she won the Janek Borodáč´s Award for her character of Aľona in Roščin’s play “Man and Woman”. The Association of Slovak Dramatic Artists (ZSDU) praised her character of “Thaisy in William Shakespeare’s play “Pericles, the King of Tyrol” (1984), as well as the role of Zojka in Mikhail Bulgakov’s play “Zojka’s Apartment” (1985).

Eva Matejková appeared in front of the camera for the first time in Karol Zachar’s television film „Rosemary“ (1969). She played in Karol Spišák’s classic fairy tale „Sesame, Open!“ (1974), the same director cast her in the comedy „Sweet Anarchy“ (1978). In 1980, she starred in Gorky’s television adaptation „Fake Money“ directed by Blaho Uhlár.

Eva Matejková starred in Jozef Bednárik’s “The Danube Tales” (1988), Vladimír Štric’s drama “Streets Without a Name” (1989), Miloslav Luther’s famous film “Witness of the Dying Time” (1990), and the “Witch Hunt” by Martin Kákoš (1993). The latest in her filmography are Dušan Trančík’s “Winter of Magicians” (2006) and Jozef Pašték’s black comedy “The Corpse Must Die” (2011).

In recent years, Eva Matejková has devoted herself mainly to serial production. Viewers could see her in the series “Stormy Wine”, “Zoo”, “Neighbours”, or most recently in the series “Constable Topinka.

Together with her husband, actor Marián Slovák, they have three children: Samuel (1975, former football player and coach), Stanislav (1977, actor and director), Svetlana (1986, theatre actress).